Phuket Mountain Bike Hash

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Ride Information

The Bike Hash meets monthly, usually the Sunday after the Pooying run, normally the 3rd Sunday of the month - check the Hareline for full details of when and where.


Registration is at 14.00 and the ride starts at 15.00.

Ride time is about 1 hour 30 mins to 2hrs.


Registration fee is 250 baht including soft drinks and a buffet supper after the ride and before the circle.

All beers are 50 bht.


There are normally between 20 and 30 riders.


Special for the HARES of a ride, please be sure that you have promissen to use the lager site.


Speed of the ride varies, from the head down FRB's (Front Riding B****rds) to a more sedate, married man's amble at the rear. The pack is made up of <> 60/40 foreigner/Thai.


Minimum age for registration is 14 years – and all visitors are welcome.


Everybody must wear a helmet on the ride.


Bike Hash participation is at your own risk. The Bike Hash is not responsible for your safety.


Bring your own water bottles / hydration system to last for the ride. Suitable hydration drinks are available before the ride; the cost is in the registration fee.


Carry spare parts for the bike (puncture repair kit or spare tube, pump). Also a mobile phone and <> 100baht in a plastic bag.


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